About Kimberli

Abstract contemporary artist creating, exhibiting, and selling mixed media paintings to collectors worldwide.  My paintings do not represent external reality; they are a reflection of experiences, moods and a compulsion to create depicted through color, composition, and emotion.  Duality and the juxtaposition of opposite things fascinate me - vulnerabiltiy and strength, dark and light, knowing and not knowing.  It seems these things cannot exist together but one cannot exist without the other.  The struggle to be aware of, and to integrate conflicting, fragmented forces into a unified whole is a driving force in my artwork.

It’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to.
— Jean-Luc Godard

I take what resonates with me and transform it into something authentic, using intuitiveness and spontaneity.  My award winning artwork has been featured in West Elm, Saatchi Online Gallery, Minted, and Catapult Magazine.

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Curriculum Vitae


AVA Gallery and Arts Center - NH
Farmington Valley Arts Center - CT
Ithaca College - NY
Duke University - NC

EXHIBITIONS& Publications

2017 - Minted Website
2016 - Group Exhibition, AVA Gallery, NH
2015 - West Elm Website
2012 - Group Exhibition, Photostop Gallery, VT
2012 - Catapult Magazine 0312.v7
2010 - Juried Exhibition, "All Aboard, Riding the Rails", Photostop Gallery, VT